Home automation is not limited to houses, apartments can enjoy the benefits of integrated technology and one-touch control too with the help of a start-to-finish home automation designer.

When the owner of this 40-square metre beachfront Penthouse approached Melbourne-based home automation design team, Urban Intelligence, he had two main requirements – that the installation should be simple-to-operate and integrate seamlessly with the home’s elegant design.

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As a busy professional, the owner wanted to engage an experienced company to design and attend to all the technology elements in his penthouse, including the electrical, lighting, security and audiovisual systems.

That’s why he chose Urban Intelligence – a national smart home installer with a large team including designers, electricians, programmers, and experts in technology architecture.

 “Our customer wanted a smart installation that seamlessly blended with the interior design and architecture of the penthouse. The cabling and systems in the penthouse are future-proof which will allow the client to upgrade and expand the system as required,” said the job’s developer, Jonathan Krywicki.


Urban Intelligence spent a lengthy 30 hours researching and designing the system one-on-one with the client. The job cost approximately $35,000 for the AV package, $20,000 for the home automation and smart systems, and $30,000 for the electrical component.

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The home owner wanted to be able to control his entire lighting and entertainment system from a single remote, in any room of the house, without having to be especially IT or AV-savvy. The customer was also quite concerned about security but didn’t want its application to encroach on his relaxed lifestyle.

This penthouse project was a renovation which made many aspects of the cabling installation challenging for Urban Intelligence. The design called for a centralised audiovisual rack which housed a Topfield high-definition PVR, latest-release Integra amplifier, Pioneer Blu-ray player and Asus Media Centre. The audio system consisted of Speakercraft in-ceiling speakers, which were installed throughout the penthouse, and these were driven by the Sonos digital music system.

The main living room area features a 50-inch True-HD Pioneer plasma mounted on a motorised Ultralift bracket which swivels to perfect viewing position in the adjoining kitchen. Furthermore, the owner has the flexibility of viewing Foxtel, DVDs, recorded TV and family photo slideshows on any of the flatscreens in the home. 


“Our customer had a huge CD collection which was digitised and transferred to the Sonos multiroom system, so he can now listen to his favourite tunes wherever he is in the house – the bedroom, ensuite, living room or kitchen,” said Krywitki.

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“We also organised a music subscription download service costing approximately $150 a year, giving the client access to over 4,000,000 songs instantly through the Sonos system in his home.”

The premises also has a Paradox Digiplex keyless-entry security and key-less entry system with a front gate camera that links into the owner’s touchscreen.

“We are very much focused on the last five per cent of the installation – tying all the systems together, ultimately ensuring a smooth delivery to the client” said Krywitki.



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Port Melbourne VIC 3207

Approximate Spend:

Type of Installation:

Automation, Distributed Audio, Home Theatre, Security, Electrical

Plannng Time:
Approximately 30 hours

Products Used:

-Pioneer full-HD 50-inch plasma
-Pioneer Blu-ray Disc player
-Speakercraft in-wall speakers
-Velodyne subwoofer
-Integra amplifier
-Clipsal C-Bus lighting controls
-Sonos multiroom audio system
-Asus media centre
-Paradox security access control 

This article originally appeared as an Advertorial in SmartHouse magazine

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