No it’s not a misprint. Bauhn’s hi-tech, stylish ASB-0316 Soundbar is selling for $99.95 at all Aldi stores.

Normally you’d expect to pay at least twice this amount for a comparable sub-woofer so nicely featured as this eye-catching Bauhn model.

With it’s sleek footprint the Bauhn will look a treat placed underneath or near any modern flatscreen LED or Plasma TV.

The feature count is as intelligent as it’s comprehensive and starts with built-in Bluetooth wireless technology so you can stream music stored on your smart phone and most other compatible portable devices to this Soundbar.

Once connected to a TV via a simple cable, the Bauhn Subwoofer’s in-built 20 watt per channel amplifier will play loud and proud allowing you to immerse yourself in crystal clear movie soundtracks, TV programs and music albums.

What’s more the Bauhn’s NFC technology will pair with any NFC compatible smartphone or any other NFC enabled portable device in double quick time.

Connection options include an Optical input for premium sound quality and a handy USB port so you can plug and play a USB flashdrive loaded with your favourite music. A HDMI audio return channel is included for two-way audio transmission using a single cable.

The Bauhn ASB-0316 is supplied with a remote control. It all adds up to a bargain with a capital B.
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