Sunbeam’s EM6900 home espresso machine drips with commercial-strength pedigree.

Sunbeam claims the EM6900 ($599) is the world’s first domestic espresso machine with a twin (15 bar) thermoblock pump system to ensure a stable water temperature while also allowing simultaneous production of espresso and steam to texture milk. Constructed from die-cast metal components and featuring a commercial-size brewing head, it was developed in conjunction with World Barista Champion, Paul Bassett, who knows his way around a coffee machine. Paul imparts his knowledge in a coffee appreciation DVD Sunbeam bundles with the unit. Sunbeam also runs a free coffee appreciation course for machine buyers – run in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth – until September 2006. 

Sunbeam says the machine’s thermoblock heating system controls the water temperature, ensuring a consistent result without the guesswork. The correct water temperature is vital in producing great tasting coffee. If water is too hot, it can scorch the coffee grinds causing a burnt or bitter taste. If water is too cold, extraction of oils from coffee grinds is not possible, with the resulting coffee lacking flavour.  

If you fancy a cup of tea instead, there is a separate hot water dispenser to whip up other warm beverages without needing to boil the kettle.  

A programmable control panel allows the user to set the length of the pour to suit individual tastes while the pre-infusion feature produces espresso with greater body and sweetness. 

It comes complete with a five year pump guarantee, one- and two-cup filters, a stainless steel milk jug, solid metal barista coffee tamp and measuring spoon. 

See www.sunbeam.com.au


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