Beltronics Longreach has developed Bellon, an IP-addressable intercom that lets you see and talk to (or ignore) your visitor.

The Bellon will surely be the perfect antidote for renegade, party-animal partners who may be forced to sleep in the garden.

The intercom is claimed to be a world first design. Being IP-addressable it remains independent, like a singular intercom system. A key difference is that each intercom has its own power source or IP address so even if your neighbour’s intercom gets an axe put through it, yours will continue to work. Bellon was developed to deal with isolated power shortages such as lightning strikes which can shut down a whole apartment block’s intercom system. Each individual intercom system use a ten metre cable that isolate electrical surges.

Brian Rodriques and Dejan Stanojevic created Beltronics Longreach seven months ago, after a large-scale developer told them of his problem. He wanted an intercom system that would be independent, yet still be part of the same system, and be aesthetically pleasing.Rodriques and Stanojevic took the challenge and seven months later the prototypes are completed in a number of colours, which can be custom designed. 

Stanojevic said “The Bellon also has functions for multiple entry points and you don’t have to have a security desk. Mark two of the design will make it Internet compatible. You will then be able to stream images of your home onto your computer while you work.” 

Cost: POA

See www.bellon.com.au


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