BenQ, the Taiwanese electronics titan is on a roll. This specialist brand has designed an easy-to-use, plug-in projector accessory that’s superbly placed to deliver home entertainment fans wireless uncompressed Full High Definition video and audio in just about any room of their home or apartment.

This exciting development has arrived on the sleek and compact form of BenQ’s Wireless Full HD Kit – the WDP01, a revolution in home entertainment that’s nothing less than an unrivaled plug and play convenience like no other.

The heart of the kit are a transmitter and receiver that work beautifully with BenQ’s best selling W1070+, W1080ST+ and W1350 video projectors.

The idea is as simple as these few steps: add the WDP01 kit to the projector, make the necessary connections and then the receiver and transmitter will automatically pair up with the projector.

Making the process simple was BenQ’s goal. For example the customized receiver was designed to mount to the right side of the projectors.

Once it’s there, it will be electronically charged by the built-in power supply saving you the hassle of having to plug the receiver into yet another power point.

 The streaming range of the kit is a hefty 100 metres in line of sight. Ample for any domestic building. What’s more the kit features four built-in antennas allowing users to enjoy streaming fast moving and smooth looking games and movies and high quality audio through cabinet doors and from one room to another.

The kit is compatible with the W1080ST+ DLP projector. And the reason why the audio tom toms are beating a message is this compact model just happens to be (thanks to the new kit) the world’s first wireless full HD video projector offering enticing short-throw and side projection features.

This model is not only flexibly tailored as it is for use in any room of a house, once the kit is installed, it simultaneously erases the need for costly cabling or household remodeling which can be part and parcel of any less endowed video projector.

The optional Wireless Full HD Kit that only requires an easy once-only setup that takes all of a couple of minutes. After that, it’s time to sit back and enjoy plug and play convenience in uncompromised picture quality, identical to that delivered via cable for all content to Full HD. Enjoy movies and games streamed from an online service or MHL-equipped smart devices using a compatible cable or 3rd party MHL dongle such as Roku. Either way it’s all about easy plug and play usage.

The W1080ST+ projector is amazingly versatile and can stream a 100-inch picture from a distance of just 1.5 metres making it ideal for use in small rooms and apartments.

Performance parameters and features abound aboard the new W1080ST+. Brightness level is a high 2200 ANSI lumens, contrast ratio is a desirable 500:1. A six-segment colour wheel with six times the speed and BenQ’s BrilliantColor technology ensure a smooth picture quality laced with vivid colours.

Even better, is this model’s ISFccc certification that gives owners the option of hiring the Imaging Science Foundation to carry out the ISFccc calibration customized to fit your home environment.

Features are led by a useful setup wizard and crystal clear, simple step by step visual instructions accompanied by a self-explanatory user interface designed to be enjoyable to use.


A built-in 10-watt chamber speaker is handy as are the four preset sound modes and an equalizer setting to tweak music or dialogue to your satisfaction.

Streaming and mirroring capabilities were top of BenQ’s list when designing the projector and so it has Mobile High Definition (MHL) to enable the transfer of small-screen content from portable devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Versatility is also a hallmark of the W1080ST+ and it is built to allow the connection of Blu-ray players and gaming consoles via HDMI inputs. It also invites viewing cloud content via any MHL-ready streaming device.

BenQs other models compatible with the optional wireless kit are the W1070+ and W1350. 

The WDP01 Wireless kit has an RRP of $499, the projector W1070+ an RRP of $1399, and the W1080ST+ an RRP of $1499

For more information: www.benq.com.au

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