Set top box distributor Digital Products Group has put on hold the launch of the Beyonwiz media server with the possibility emerging that the product will not be launched in Australia because of technical difficulties.

Jai Kemp a director at Digital Products Group said “Beyonwiz is on hold till at least the first quarter of 2007. There is also the possibility that we will not go with it all. The Koreans who we are working with on this product are here next year so in between time we are concentrating on the Topfield brand”.
Asked why DPG was advertising the product when it was clearly not ready for market Jai Kemp said “T3 Magazine offered us an insert and advertisement for nothing so we took it in the hope that we would have the product by Xmas but this is not the case”.
DPG who is currently in strife with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) following allegations of price fixing has struggled this year to get several products to market and if found guilty by the ACCC the Company could face a hefty fine.

This is not the first time that DPG has struggled to get a product to market. Earlier this year they announced the TF7000PVR with two tuners allowing users to record two channels simultaneously. However this product was delayed due to chipset problems.
“We are back concentrating on the Topfield brand. We have launched new products and we will work through the Beyonwiz problems next year.
Introduced at the Media Connect Conference earlier this year Jai Kemp said at the time “We have been working on this box for some time as we were very reliant on the Topfield brand. Australia will be the first Country in the world to have this product and we anticipate excellent sales, as a market is developing for high end set top boxes that do more than the current offerings”.

He added” We have shown the product to several retailers and we have had a great response. We anticipate a late October launch”.
Another problem emerging for the DPG Group is that vendors are now starting to build in HD Tuners and hard drivers with duel tuners allowing consumers to eliminate all together the need for a separate box similar to what DPG is selling.

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