Telstra BigPond Movies launched Australia’s first 3D service available across multiple platforms.

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BigPond Movies is currently available on over 100 different devices inclduing  T-Box, or home theatre systems, LG, Samsung and Panasonic TV’s, and BigPondMovies.com.

Disney Pixar’s Brave is available for $6.99 – the same price as the HD version – in a 3D side-by-side format with 3D glasses, transforms into a single 3D image.

There more titles to follow but Telstra would not reveal what they were, when contacted by SmartHouse.

To ensure displays are compatible with BigPond Movies 3D, a three minute film will be available free of charge.

BigPond Movies membership is not restricted to Telstra broadband customers, and can be accessed via any ISP.

“As Australia’s pioneer in movie downloads we are always looking for new ways to bring the latest innovations in entertainment to our customers,” Telstra’s Head of IPTV and Pay TV, Eric Kearley.

“With increasing sales of 3D capable HDTVs comes a greater thirst for quality 3D content.

“We’re proud to be the first multi-platform content provider to debut 3D movie downloads, starting with Disney Pixar’s Brave.”

To celebrate its release, BigPond Movies is offering the chance to win a trip for a family of four to Disneyland Resort in California

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