Bigpond has just announced that it will be providing users with DRM-free music, allowing users to transfer tracks from their computer to almost any music player. An MP3 track will cost $1.49 for Bigpond members or $1.69 for non-members.

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The company has reached agreements with major record labels and will offer music from record labels Sony BMG, Universal Music, Warner Music and EMI, as well as leading Australian independent record labels and distributors including MGM, Inertia, Liberation, IODA, and AmpHead.

This means that BigPond will be the leading Australian online music store offering MP3 files that is compatible with all standard music players including the popular iPod as well as Sony Walkman and a wide range of portable digital music players and home media centres.

BigPond’s Group Managing Director, Justin Milne said, “BigPond now gives iPod users an alternative place to purchase their favourite music in a format that will work on their player. And if they are BigPond customers they will save money on the tracks and download them free of data charges. BigPond is changing the online music game by creating a truly open world that puts consumers in the driving seat.”


“Until now many people found it complex to download music legally, and ended up frustrated when they discovered their music was locked onto a single device or was impossible to transfer to the player of their choice. But from today BigPond’s new service means consumers can transfer tracks from their computer to almost any device they care to use,” Mr Milne said.

“We are confident the popularity of the MP3 format, our Australian-first agreement with all the top music labels and the power of the BigPond brand will mean customers will be clicking and downloading from us because we are the only place in Australia to offer legal downloads in MP3 format from all the major labels,” Mr Milne said.

The MP3 format is the most widely supported digital music format in the world, and is free of Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology that locks downloads onto a limited range of devices or platforms.  MP3 is compatible with all standard music player software including Windows Media Player, iTunes and RealPlayer and can be played on all types of iPod.

BigPond’s MP3 catalogue is available encoded at 256kbps and 320kbps, allowing users to enjoy an enhanced listening experience with music from BigPond.

“BigPond’s MP3 catalogue makes it simpler for people to purchase their music online whether it is on their BigPond bill, credit card or using one of our BigPond Music Pre-Paid cards,” Mr. Milne said.

With all four major labels signed to BigPond Music for MP3s, and negotiations underway with more independents, the MP3 catalogue will grow significantly over the coming months.

See: www.bigpondmusic.com

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