The new BiPAC 7300GX router from Billion not only offers connections over a phone line, it can also connect to a mobile phone’s 3G/HSDPA, EDGE, UMTS or GPRS network.

According to Billion, the BiPAC 7300GX router provides broadband access via 3G mobile phone networks in case ADSL on a phone line drops out or is not available.

PC Range Managing Director, Raaj Menon said, “What really rocks is its mobility. To date, wireless data cards only let one person use a laptop when they were out of the office: The 7300GX allows you to share broadband access among several people when you’re out and about. What makes this unit so sweet is that it provides 3G access on top of standard ADSL2+ connectivity, so if your wired link drops out in the office, you get a broadband backup through the mobile phone network.”

With four Ethernet ports and 802.11g wireless networking, the BiPAC 7300GX can act as a “mobile hotspot” for road warriors. Users can purchase a 3G data card from their preferred mobile phone service provider, plug the SIM Card into a PCI card slot in the unit, connect to the 3G network, and surf the internet wirelessly. It also comes with a 12-volt car adapter for instant charging from the car’s cigarette lighter.

The four-port full-duplex 10/100 switch can directly link four PCs or attach more hubs and switches to create a larger network. The integrated router shares an ADSL2+ or 3G-based Internet connection with automatic fail-over to ensure an always-on Internet connection in the event one Internet service fails. The BiPAC 7300GX can also encode all 802.11g wireless LAN transmissions with WEP or WPA encryption to ensure that your data is protected and boasts a DHCP Server and a powerful SPI firewall to protect against intruders and most known Internet attacks. Secure WLAN setup is simplified by the web browser-based configuration for easy access to the Internet wherever a 3G connection is available, the company says.

The Billion BiPAC 7300GX will be available through Billion’s national distribution network in October and will have an RRP of $269.

See: www.billion.com

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