Research in Motion has been banking on the new BlackBerry 10 platform to pick the struggling company up. But it will have to do without it following reports the updated operating system won’t be ready for some time yet.

“We ask for your patience and confidence” co-CEO Mike Lazaridis.

Boy Genius has cited an unnamed source who claims the company has postponed the launch of the new platform because they haven’t been able to transfer its famed email capabilities.
“RIM is simply pushing this out as long as they can for one reason, they don’t have a working product yet,” Boy Genius’ source said.

A similar incident occurred with BlackBerry’s PlayBook tablet, which failed to incorporate services fundamental to the BlackBerry experience, including internet, email, calendar and messenger.

Despite this, Lazaridis is claiming the halt in production is the result of a delay in manufacturing the hardware, and not a result of incomplete software.

“We will not launch BlackBerry 10 devices until we know they are ready and we believe this new chip set architecture is required to deliver the world class user experience that our customers will expect,” RIM said.


“As explained on our earnings call, the broad engineering impact of this decision and certain other factors significantly influenced the anticipated timing for the BlackBerry 10 devices.”

The company attacked the sources credibility, saying “the anonymous claim suggesting otherwise is inaccurate and uninformed.”

To keep what little sale momentum they have, the company is going to launch a marketing frenzy promoting its BlackBerry 7 devices.

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