If there was ever a film that was screaming to be released on Blu-ray it is Sin City. The crisp visuals and graphic novel feel suffered a little on DVD so when we got a chance to check it out on Blu-ray we were excited.

Thankfully, it didn’t disappoint.  Since it was shot and edited digitally, the transfer comes direct from the digital source making it absolutely flawless.  There is no grain or scratches from a master print – this is exactly how director Robert Rodriguez intended it to be seen.  In fact, unless you saw it at the cinema in digital projection, it will look better on Blu-ray than it did in the cinema.

For those that haven’t seen the film, you really should check it out.  Sin City was originally a graphic novel by Frank Miller.  Frank had resisted bringing it to the big screen for many years but was finally convinced by Rodriguez.  Robert Rodriguez is the director famous for getting into Hollywood by making a low budget action film for $7000 called El Mariachi.  He has since gone on to make many much-loved films like Desperado, From Dusk ‘Til Dawn and the Spy Kids films. 

His enthusiasm for new technologies and his flair for intense action made him perfect to make Sin City.  What we were given was something never before seen in cinema.  It is arguably the best adaptation of a graphic novel ever made while being faithful to the original material and even looking like a moving comic.  It has intense action, beautiful women, Raymond Chandler like detectives and something that many films just don’t tend to pull off – It is very cool.

On Blu-ray we are given a gift.  It not only looks spectacular but it also sounds incredible as well.  The 24bit DTS-HD True Master Audio mix is really quite amazing.  Not only are all the elements handled beautifully but they are also intelligently and thoughtfully placed to make the film more immersive.  While this film is filled with all manner of excellent sound effects, none become overbearing and the dialogue and Foley are given the same weight without either becoming dominant.  If you have a home theatre system, you are going to love how Sin City sounds.


There are a few more features on this release than the standard DVD.  In addition to the excellent and hilarious commentaries by Robert Rodriguez, Frank Miller and Quentin Tarantino, there is also a great bridging feature that lets you watch the 4 different stories within the film in chronological sequence.  This is done with extra footage that wasn’t used in the original release and is separated into four chapters based on the issues of the graphic novel of which they were based.
As with all Rodriguez films, there is a 15 minute film school feature as well.  Robert likes to make these little behind the scenes film schools and has done so ever since the first DVD was released for El Mariachi.

There are also quite a few behind the scenes featurettes as well which are interesting but are really just the standard marketing fanfare.  There is also an interactive game or sorts called “Kill ’em good”.  The package comes on two discs with the film on one and the special features on the other.

If you have never seen Sin City before this is the perfect way to be introduced to it.  Fans and newcomers alike will love watching it on Blu-ray.  It looks and sounds great and has heaps of special features to keep you knee deep in Frank Miller’s noir universe for hours on end.

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