The new Trendnet ClearSky VoIP Bluetooth phone (TVP-SP1BK) means Skype users need no longer stay glued to their PCs.

“Skype has become a preferred VoIP service for an ever-increasing number of users worldwide. Up ’til now, most users have used wired headsets or USB attached handsets. By using Bluetooth we deliver a wireless connection that can seamlessly coexist with 802.11b/g devices and ultimately improve the Skype user experience,” said Trendnet distributor, Baxit’s Matthew Mann.

The phone comes with a wireless handset that mirrors a traditional handset, in that it supports standard Skype functions such as ‘contacts,’ ‘call list,’ ‘Skypeout,’ and ‘conference call.’

It also comes with a USB Bluetooth 2.0 adapter, that supports enhanced data rate (EDR), allowing it communicate with other Bluetooth compliant devices such as PDAs and digital cameras. The adapter supports class-one radio technology, which Baxit claims extends coverage distance up to 100 metres.

It also comes with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery which Baxit claims is able to sustain up to six hours talk time and over 60 hours on standby.

RRP: $199

See: www.baxit.com.au

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