B&O have launched a powerful new entertainment system incorporating ‘Little Sister Speakers’ of their highly acclaimed Beo Lab 5 speakers launched last year. Also part of the offering is a unique music management system.

Leading Danish entertaiment group B&O have launched a brand new sound management system along with powerful new cube speakers that look impressive when wall mounted or free standing.

With a small cubic form factor that moves in on traditional Bose turf, the BeoLab 3 measures a mere 215 x 162 x 135 mm and weighs in at only 2.55 kg. The speaker stands on its own. A heavy sub woofer similar to the one found with most Bose systems has been eliminated. 

 According to B&O, the compact loudspeakers have been on the company’s drawing boards for over eight years, but only now has the technology evolved to allow the small speakers produce the big sound Chief Designer David Lewis was after.

 Whether used for a music system or as the front and rear loudspeakers of a surround-sound home cinema set-up, BeoLab 3 can be positioned in many different ways – either on a shelf, bookcase or wall mounted.  The cabinet is made of aluminium, with a matt black surface and it also comes with an aluminium stand if a floor mount is desired. B&O claims that the acoustic lens on top of the unit permits greater freedom with positioning without impairing sound quality and also limits sound reflections from the floor and ceiling, delivering more precise reproduction.

 The sides of the speaker function as additional passive speaker units and allow BeoLab 3 to move greater quantities of air (and therefore to reproduce lower notes) than would otherwise be possible in such a small cabinet.

 he built-in Bang & Olufsen ICEpower amplifier modules provide the necessary power without generating the same degree of heat given off by traditional amplifiers.

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