As the world debates the problems associated with Apple’s new iPod Nano blog sites have discovered that the scratching problems could well be fixed with a simple can of Brasso.

As Apple Share crash, Blogg sites humming with comment on the problems associated with Apple’s new iPod Nano was last night running hot on the smell of Brasso when one ingenious correspondent worked out that the easiest way to fix scratches to his brand new Nano was a simple can of Brasso.

Apple have blamed poor workmanship for the problem and say that It is only 1% of there production. However they have have that they will replace damaged iPods. Blogg web sites are sceptical of this claim. Todd Dailey stumbled on the idea when researching ways to eliminate the problem. He said “I had read on Slashdot and a few other places sites that Brasso can restore an iPod to like-new condition, but I didn’t believe it myself, and I was a bit worried that it would have some sort of bad reaction with my iPod, such as melting it.  After all, a $4 can of Brasso can’t compete with $20+ third party creams and polishes can it? I happened to be in the grocery store and saw a can of Brasso on the shelf. I decided to give it a go”

As these before and after shots show the experiment worked.

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 Said Dailey” My 3G iPod’s back was quite scratched. I thought it would be a good test for Brasso to see if it did any permanent damage before I started on the Nano. I cleaned the back with iKlear, then soaked a cotton round with Brasso and got to work. Look at all the grime it started taking off! At this point I thought maybe I was onto something with the Brasso, but I was also afraid that I was about to melt my iPod”.

He added “The Nano had picked up a lot of grime and small scratches from use. To me, this wasn’t any different from my 3G iPod and I could have lived with the marks, but the urge to experiment was too strong.  


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For the Nano, I switched from using cotton rounds to using a small MicroFiber cloth. My theory was that the MicroFiber was a lot softer,  I put some Brasso on the cloth and started working it in. I used light pressure, barely pressing at all and letting the weight of my hand do the work. I also held the Nano in my hand so that I wouldn’t scratch the back by cleaning the front on a hard surface. I worked the Brasso in for a few minutes, and it appeared to be working! The small scratches were gone, and the ones that were slightly deeper were faded. I worked over the front of my Nano for about 20 minutes.

 Apple Computer Inc. shares fell more than 4% Wednesday when the company said it would replace units of its new iPod nano, after complaints that screens on the tiny portable music players are prone to cracking and scratching.

Apple stock fell $2.56 to $50.88 in afternoon trading on volume that was nearly double the three-month daily average. Earlier, the shares touched $50.70. An Apple spokesman said that the company would replace iPod nanos with cracked screens for free. The spokesman said the problem was related to manufacturing defects in the screens and didn’t affect the nano’s performance.

The spokesman added that the problem was “a real, but minor issue” that had shown up in “a small number of units.”

Steve Jobs, Apple’s chief executive, took a calculated risk by replacing the best-selling model of the company’s digital-music player, called the iPod mini, with an even smaller device. Apple is touting the nano’s small size in its marketing campaign, a move that could backfire if the product is perceived to be too fragile.

Apple released the iPod nano on Sept. 7. The music player uses flash memory and can hold up to 1,000 songs in its 4-gigabyte version. The company intends on having the nano to replace the iPod mini, which uses a hard-disk drive for storing music and data.


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