Bugatti Go From Supercars To Electric Scooters


Harley-Davidson are dabbing in electric bikes reflecting their street appeal, Ducati have unleashed electric scooters reveling in their Italian style, now French supercar maestros Bugatti are claiming their place on the electric podium with their first scooter

Developed in conjunction with gaming headset and wireless earbud brand Bytech International, the sweet-looking scooter packs a 700W motor that can propel you to a top speed of around 30 clicks per hour. But just to be on the safe side, it has dedicated economy and city modes that cut your top speed at 14.5 and 19.

Bugatti reckon you can cop around 35km between charges, helped out by a frame that weighs in at just 15.8kg.

bugatti 1 Bugatti Go From Supercars To Electric Scooters

In keeping with the type of class you expect from Bugatti, albeit in a scaled down form, there’s a digital display dashboard offering up key stats as you power along.

There are also built-in turn signals, and so people know who you’re rolling with, the tail light projects the Bugatti logo on the road behind you as you cruise along.

Much like my own dreams of owning a road-blazing Bugatti, there’s no word on a release date yet. The unit doesn’t even have a name, but when it does many of us will be writing it on a Christmas wish list