C-Bus Wireless is the new product range from Clipsal Integrated Systems. It is a wireless automated lighting control system that can be retro-fitted into any house or office.

The new product range was designed to have similar functionality as the existing hard-wired C-Bus. C-Bus Wireless can also merge with wired C-Bus, so it’s possible to have wireless C-Bus in one part of your home and wired C-Bus in a new extension.
“C-Bus Wireless [unlike the traditional C-Bus system] utilises the existing 240 volt wiring, so it’s literally as easy as pulling out the old light switch and putting in the new one and it immediately controls the loads it’s connected to. And you can get any run-of-the-mill sparky to do the job,” said Marketing Manager for Clipsal Integrated Systems, Simon Wehr.

Devices talk to each other using a radio frequency platform with 128 bit encryption for security. Two-way switching and dimming can be programmed without using a computer. By adding some wireless plug adaptors you can also control lamps and lights from any switch or with a remote control. In practice, this means that you can dim or switch lights on and off in the kitchen from a switch in your bedroom. The remote control adds even more flexibility, as it allows you to switch or dim lights in another room without even getting out of your chair or bed.

According to Wehr, one of the more exciting features of the system is the ability to set up ‘scenes.’ “For example, you can set up a ‘goodnight button,’ which allows all lights throughout the house to turn off by simply pushing one button, while lying in bed,” he said.

Each switch can be programmed to function as an on/off switch, dimmer or to set a scene. The remote essentially allows 10 programmable function buttons that you can use to control your lights and scenes wherever you are in the house.

He also said that although one main advantage of C-Bus is that it can be fitted easily into existing homes, “It is also a great opportunity for new homes. If you want to do your whole house, the traditional C-Bus system may be better,” he added. “But if you want to do only a part of the house C-Bus Wireless is a good cost-effective option.”

“A typical four bedroom, two bathroom house could be fitted out for about $3500. Many people would probably spend at least that much on a plasma alone, but this is an investment in your home that you’ll enjoy for many years,” he said.

See www.clipsal.com.au

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