No paper, no presses, no trucks, proclaims News king, Rupert Murdoch, as the iPad Daily is launched.
The ‘newspaper’ for tablets may spell the death knell for print news- but can it save News? 

Rupert Murdoch seems to think so giving the iPad’s first ever news publication his money’s worth with a $30 million investment in The Daily, News Corp’s answer to its digital news dilemma.

“This pioneering digital venture, fully championed by Steve Jobs and the rest of his team at Apple, establishes an entirely new category of delivery and consumption,” the News Chief wrote in a staff email.  

The media giant was one of the first major media companies to charge for its online content, building a paywall around its publications including The Times, News Of The World, Wall Street Journal and The Sunday Times.

The Australian, also a News title, is soon said to follow suit. 

The success of this move to paid content made last year is still unclear, although visitor numbers to The Times site is said to be down around 90% and there were 105,000 subscribers at last count. 

Consumers in the US are the first to receive The Daily, followed by a full roll out to other tablets and all countries in the near future, says News Corp. 

The iPad e-paper is now delivered straight to Apple iPad for $0.99c per week or $39.99 a year.

The publication is also a boon for Steve Jobs’ company and will be the first full subscription service available on iTunes who are said to pocket 30% of the earnings in the first year of digital publication. 
“We think it is terrific and iPad users are really going to embrace it,” believes Steve Jobs, who was not in attendance at the launch.


“We can and must make the business of news gathering and editing viable again,” Murdoch said at the launch yesterday in New York’s Guggenheim Museum along with Apple’ Eddy Cue.

“We’re entering a remarkable age of innovation and digital renaissance.”

However, News are still blocking website access on thedaily.com, allowing non-subscribers just 10% access to its content.      

Given print advertising has dropped almost 50 per cent from 2005 levels, Murdoch is hoping The Daily can return print media to its former profitability glory days. 

The Daily release will answer one major question, analyst Ken Doctor from Outsell Research told Reuters.

“Can you charge for (online) general news?”

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