McIntosh’s vacuum tube integrated amplifier, the MA2275, combines classic vacuum tube performance – renowned for its ‘warm’ sound – with cutting-edge technology, says distributor, Castel.

The MA2275 is the first McIntosh integrated amplifier to rely exclusively on vacuum tubes in all audio circuits.

A low-noise preamp has been engineered. Glass epoxy printed circuit boards replace traditional point-to-point wiring. Input switching is achieved inside glass cylinders filled with an inert gas to prevent sign degradation.

The circuit design of the power amplifier incorporates McIntosh unity-coupled output circuitry which is claimed to provide clean, low distortion power over the entire frequency range.

Rated at 75 watts per channel into 2, 4, or 8 ohm loads the MA2275 uses four 12AX7A’s in the preamplifier section, two 12AT7’s and four KT88/6550 in the power-amp section.

Castel says low noise combined with clean power in an all vacuum tube integrated chassis provides for incredible results.

Frequency Response:  20Hz to 20kHz
Power Output:   75 Watts per channel, two channels
Pre-Amplifier Maximum Output: 8.0 VRMS
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.08%
MM Phono Input Sensitivity:  4.5mV for 2.5V out
High Level Input Sensitivity:  450mV for 2.5V output
Phono, Moving Magnet:  47k ohms, 65pf
Signal-To-Noise Ratio:   100dB (A weighted)

Cost: $12 990

See www.castel.com.au

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