Intel has announced at CES 2016 that it is collaborating with a number of brands, with digitisation of sports and health and wellness areas of focus.Among its collaborative efforts, Intel has teamed up with ESPN to showcase the latest technology and add new levels of data-powered insights at X Games Aspen 2016.

Intel’s Curie module will be integrated into the men’s snowboard slopestyle and men’s snowboard big air competitions, providing real-time data on athlete performance, such as in-air rotations, jump height, jump distance, speed and force on landing.

Intel and Red Bull Media House have also announced a global partnership that will extend into multiple genres and platforms, while Intel is also working with Replay Technologies to “deliver completely new viewing experiences for sports fans on broadcast, in the stadium and in the home”.

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“Using Replay’s freeD technology optimised for Intel platforms, sports fans will be able to re-watch key moments of sporting events from nearly every conceivable angle and share a custom-created clip with the world,” Intel stated.

“FreeD takes advantage of 6th generation Intel Core processors and Intel server technology that has been optimised to deliver this immersive entertainment experience.”

Meanwhile, focusing on health and wellness, Intel and New Balance have announced a strategic collaboration to develop wearable technologies connecting athletes with technology to improve their athletic performance, comprising part of New Balance’s newly formed Digital Sport division.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich and New Balance CEO Rob DeMartini wore running shoes featuring customised 3-D printed midsoles enabled by Intel RealSense technology, and revealed plans to develop a smart sport watch for the 2016 holiday season.

Intel and Oakley also previewed Radar Pace smart eyewear featuring a voice-activated, real-time coaching system, engineered with Intel Innovation and crafted with Oakley’s design and materials.

Intel states the eyewear “is designed to provide runners, cyclists and workout enthusiasts with in-the-moment feedback and analytics, helping to track progress and improve real-time performance”.

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