Keep Labs, a company that designs ‘smart, discreet’ storage for marijuana, has won an Innovation Award Honoree award for CES 2020 in Las Vegas.

But it’s not all good news for the North American company – just moments after receiving the award, CES banned them from using the word ‘cannabis’ on the show floor. This is despite the drug becoming legal for recreational use in Nevada in early 2017.

The company was told it could only display its signage, marketing materials and products on the condition that there was no reference to drug use or paraphernalia.

Screen Shot 2020 01 09 at 9.10.45 am CES 2020: Cannabis Product Wins Award, Gets Banned

It’s a historic win for Keep Labs, which is the first company that designs product specifically for drug use, to be named as an honoree at the annual electronics show.

Keep Labs’ product is a smart storage device, described as ‘smart, discreet storage for your stash,’ on the company’s website.

‘KEEP is the first home storage device expertly designed to store your stash in a smart, discreet, and secure manner – with your peace of mind, in mind.

Screen Shot 2020 01 09 at 9.29.21 am CES 2020: Cannabis Product Wins Award, Gets Banned

‘And while we know that the perception of cannabis is changing, regulators and industries aren’t keeping up,’ the website states.

The CES censorship isn’t the first time Keep Labs has faced scrutiny for its product purpose. The company said that they were denied the ability to use popular crowdfunding sites to support their business.

‘… we couldn’t use major crowdfunding sites to bring KEEP to the world,’ the company said.

‘Undeterred, we launched our own crowdfunding campaign so we can help people keep cannabis responsibly, not hidden.’

The smart storage device is available in both black and white colours and can be pre-ordered through Keep Labs official website.

By Camilla Theakstone

CES 2020 Innovation Awards honouree CES 2020: Cannabis Product Wins Award, Gets Banned