Samsung is one of the largest television manufacturers in the world and it’s readying a new generation of the televisions. What they’ve come up with delivers as the eye watering spectacle traditionally reserved for cinemas with sets that are smart and striking. Find out why over the page.

At 85 inches, the S9’s presence makes you feel as though it’s an all-encompassing canvas, one characterised by the vivacity of Ultra High Definition brush strokes. 
And this enormous screen is suspended in mid-air, the work of a stand that is unlike anything we’ve seen before from Samsung. Samsung could’ve recycled the stands used on their small TVs-only enlarged to whimsical proportions-but the S9 is something special. It is the best work Samsung can do. Ultimately their brightest minds turned to art for the answer, as after all, technology this breathtaking is art. 
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They came up with an easel stand. It frames the television and gives the impression the screen is levitating. Minimalist design might fool most into thinking it’s ridiculously simple, but this stand deceivingly houses the S9’s 120 watt 2.2 audio channel system. It is responsible for the sonic frenzy needed to punctuate the sublime cinematic visuals. Ultra High Definition is the way of future televisions. At 3,840-by-2,160, the resolution produces an image four times clearer than the current Full HD standard. 


The S9 is Samsung’s very first television to support the UHD standard. Needless to say this television will up scale HD and Full HD content to near Ultra High Definition levels anyway.

The resolution is not the only headline-grabbing feature. The S9 comes equipped with a powerful quad-core processor, the company’s lauded interactive voice and gesture technologies, and also a suite of software-many of which are a gateway to entertaining content. The S9 is compatible with Samsung’s Evolution Kit (sold separately); a hardware kit that can upgrade the S9’s processor, GPU performance and software in the future. 

Making the most noise is the S9’s ability to hold a conversation. Samsung has teamed with Australia’s own Macquarie University to produce the Natural Language Functionality*. In essence, it allows the S9 to understand the way Australians speak and respond in the native Aussie vernacular. Armed with this tool, fortunate S9 owners effortlessly shift through the available content by asking questions like “When is my next favourite program playing?” Its ability to identify programs users would like based on their viewing habits also helps. 

Setting the benchmark in Samsung design, functionality and ease-of-use doesn’t come cheap-the S9 retails for $40,000. But that kind of coin buys the ultimate Samsung room centrepiece. Samsung build each S9 to order and the price covers delivery, installation and setup. The White Glove Service professionals will go so far as to customise the content to suit individual tastes. The S9 is available in selected stores.
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