When Microsoft releases its newest operating system later this year, home users will have more choice than ever before.

The product lineup for Vista includes no less than three version of the operating system targeting the consumer and home markets. Selecting the right one will depend on what you want to achieve.

There are two version of Vista planned for the business market and three for consumers. Microsoft has added another for emerging markets, which will not be available locally.

Okay, it seems like a lot, but Microsoft correctly points out that there are currently six versions of Windows XP. They are; Home; Professional; Media Center; Tablet and The 64-bit version of Professional.

All new version will be 64-bit capable eliminating the need for a separate version there. But other than that Microsoft has done some tweaking to streamline the product lineup including the inclusion of Media Center and Tablet PC functionality into the whole product lineup.

Microsoft describes it as a shift from version targeting different types of PC hardware to a focus on the way people use their PCs.

The three consumer focused operating systems are Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Ultimate.

Windows Vista Home Basic
Windows Vista Home Basic will look and feel a little like Windows XP because it doesn’t have the new user interface Microsoft has been working on. Part of the reason for that is probably because it is targeted at lower powered PCs that are just used for basic Web surfing and email tasks typical in the family home.

What you will get is the improved reliability, security, and usability the company is building into all the new version. This version is designed for consumers with basic computing needs. It will also include new tools and technologies such as a new Search Explorer, Sidebar and Parental Controls.

Windows Vista Home Premium
Stepping upscale a little to Vista Home Premium, you get the new user interface, Aero. Think of this version as the new Media Center Edition if you please. But Premium is so much more, you get the new reliability and security features we mentioned in Home Basic, you get Media Center functionality including the extender type integration with xBox 360 so you can access content from other rooms in the home.

Integrating the mobile and desktop feature set’s together, Premium will include Windows Tablet PC technology, which enables interaction with the PC with a digital pen or fingertip instead of a keyboard.

Search is integrated throughout the operating system, helping customers easily organise and quickly find large collections of documents, pictures, movies, videos and music. And then DVD burning, a feature left out of the XP operating system is now included bringing authoring tools to every ‘Premium’ desktop.

Windows Vista Ultimate
If that ain’t enough for you add on all the business type functionality youfind in the Vista Professional for business edition. Windows Vista Ultimate is the edition of Windows Vista that has it all. It is operating system that brings together all the entertainment features, mobility features and business-oriented features available in Windows Vista.

This edition is designed for multiple use PCs, maybe you’re a small business operator and you want to use your PC at the office but also at home. Ultimate it the ultimate solution in that case. It includes the features you will need to remotely connect to business networks, such as the ability to join a domain, support for Group Policy, and features such as Remote Desktop.

Windows Vista Ultimate also includes Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption that provides protection against theft for your important business data.


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