Clean Up Your AV System With The New V5 Aquarius


If you’re serious about your AV, you’ll be excited to hear IsoTek’s new V5 Aquarius power cleaning system has six independent networks in a single chassis.

Suitable for all audio or AV systems, two of those outputs are for high-current devices while four are designed for preamps, source and network components.

They use multiple independent power cleaning networks to radically reduce Differential Mode Mains cross-contamination between output sockets.

While it’s a redesign from IsoTek’s EVO3, it sticks to the core principles. Amperage has been improved and resistance decreased thanks to it using more than 35 per cent copper loading to upgrade the topology.

IsoTek V5 Aquarius Black Carton Diagram 1 1024x768 Clean Up Your AV System With The New V5 Aquarius

The new circuit also offers twice the inductance, with a 40 per cent increase in current.

At the end of the day, it does everything to the max, resulting in absolute power and unrestricted current delivery within the confines of energy company and regulatory limits.

Adding to the pot, the sequential protection circuit offers 81,000 A of instantaneous protection and 40,000 A of continuous protection.

Rolling out at $3999 with an RFI reduction of 60dB, it’s supplied with an IsoTek Premier power cable. There’s also a new “System

Link” feature at the back that lets you join up multiple IsoTek devices, resulting in better performance because everything is referenced back to the single wall socket.