Sony Australia has released new digital still and video cameras including the world’s smallest HD camcorder, an HD Handycam camcorder with a hard disk drive that breaks the 100GB mark as well as an all new Cyber-shot line.

Sony Australia’s Digital Imaging Group Manager, Yasunari Nishioka said, “In 2007 high definition, connectivity and portability are at the heart of our dedication to achieving the best in digital imaging. Our commitment to producing high definition portable products stands out in our latest range of imaging products, here at Sony. Experience More.”

Handycam SR Series Camcorders

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Sony’s latest portable AVCHD models are ultra compact, stylish camcorders that can record up to an incredible 38 hours of 1080i HD content, the company says.

There are three models in the range, led by the 100GB Handycam SR8 and followed by the 60GB Handycam SR7 and 40GB Handycam SR5 that capture approximately 23 hours and 15 hours of HD footage respectively. All models are equipped with Sony’s exclusive imaging technologies as well as new innovative search features.

According to Sony, the three new HD Handycam models all feature enhanced functions like ‘Face Index’ that uses face detection technology to simplify searches for portraits, and ‘Film Roll Index’ that breaks down footages into chapters for easy browsing.

Sony’s Smallest Compact HD Camcorder

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Sony has also recently introduced the HDRCX7K, an HD camcorder that easily fits in the palm of your hand. With this camcorder, users can now record high definition videos to Sony’s Memory Stick media, extending Sony’s HD Handycam recording formats to four: tape, disc, hard disk drive and Memory Stick.

The CX7K weighs in at a mere 450 grams and measures only 6.9cm x 6.7cm x 13.1cm (including attached battery) and promises to shoot videos continuously for six hours. A 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo is included with the CX7K, which enables one to record almost 1.5 hours of full HD 1080i footage.

As with the newly-released portable HDD camcorders, the CX7K also features enhanced functions for easy browsing including the Sony exclusive technology Face Index and Fill Roll Index.

Cyber-shot T-Series

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Sony has also launched the new T-Series from Cyber-shot which the company says combines the most innovative, stand-out, digital imaging technologies with a collection of easy-to-use features.

The company says that this new range of Cyber-shot cameras are recognised for their iconic slim-line designed and package of unique new technologies and claims to give people a truly intuitive experience when taking photos. Moreover, with its BIONZ technology that enhances processing speed and automatically optimises exposure and contrast settings according to conditions, this new Cyber-shot can now capture photographs with incredible quality, the company added.

In addition to the BIONZ image processor, the camera uses its unique Face Recognition technology to detect up to eight faces within the frame, automatically achieving the right focus, exposure, zoom, white balance and flash control. The new Cyber-shot also has an integrated HD still image output that allows a person to share their photos in full HD glory.


HDRSR8 (100GB): $2,499

HDRSR7 (60GB): $2,349

HDRSR5 (40GB): $1,899

HDRCX7K (With 4GB Memory Stick): $2,099

DSCT20 (White, Silver, Pink, or Black): $499

See: www.sony.com.au

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