When the world’s most respected audio-video magazines rave about a product as good as PSB’s M4U 2 noise-cancelling headphones, you know you’ve chosen a winner.

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Among the accolades PSB has garnished for its nifty ‘phones few have been as compelling as the one given by Stereophile’s Stephen Mejias, editor of the magazine’s ‘The Entry Level’ Column.

Mejias who was clearly smitten by the sound and the feel of the M4U 2 went on to say: “It was almost too much to take. In fact, there were several instances when music became so engrossing I had to remove the M4U 2s from my head.”

High praise indeed considering PSB knew before it started designing its noise-cancelling ‘phones, that reviewers world-wide have been quick to point out that too many models are big on noise-reduction technology and decidedly low-fi when it comes to sound.

PSB pressed ahead with confidence knowing it could rally forty years of award winning audio-video experience to labour and produce the M4U 2.

Dual input cable connections on both left and right sides of the phones spells the end of crossed wires, and PSB’s patented Room Feel technology reproduces a full palette of tonal colours and the music’s acoustic space.


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