COMMENT: Samsung is proving to be a pain in the butt for Apple with the US company now losing tablet share to the Korean Company who is also stripping smartphone share away from Apple who appear desperate to hold onto market share in both the tablet and smartphone markets.Apple’s smartphone took top spot in the third quarter of 2011, racking up a 20 per cent slice of worldwide sales, compared to Samsung’s 14.5 per cent. According to telecom research firm IDC, now Samsung’s share has surged to 31.3 per cent, with Apple on 15 per cent.

Samsung, who is tipped to launch a new brand identity at the 2013 CES, is winning over consumers with strong products and superior marketing programs, say analysts, who are now claiming Apple may have peaked following the death of legendary leader Steve Jobs.

Samsung has established itself not only as Apple’s chief competitor but a Company whose brand is getting “stronger every day”.

2 years ago business analysts said there was no one who could ever match Apple.

Now as Apple hunts for a new hero product, Samsung is taking them on in every hardware market that Apple competes in with the Company also tipped to start taking on Apple in the content market.

This year Apple has struggled to deliver their much hyped Apple TV while Samsung is set to roll out new software in a range of OLED TVs, much to the angst of Apple whose arrogance over the past few years is now coming back to haunt them.

Apple ,who is often viewed as the world’s leader in design, is now having to content with a surging Samsung whose designs are being snapped up by consumers.

Design matters in today’s electronics world and Samsung has shown it won’t take a back seat when it comes to its product design and innovation.

The much tipped brand makeover will be another body blow to Apple say market watchers.

Samsung’s products are successful because they offer more bang for the buck than Apple’s. For example, the company’s Galaxy S III, which competes against Apple’s iPhone 5, comes with a better processor, a bigger screen and more features, like near-field communication. If you don’t think that matters to customers, you’re kidding yourself said the Times recently

Although Apple has tried to say that its lawsuits against Samsung are designed to protect its intellectual property, they might actually be hurting the iPhone maker. The lawsuits make Apple look like a bully and too focused on patent litigation to protect its market than competition through superior product design. The same might be said for Samsung, which also targets Apple with its own lawsuits, but for some reason, right now, Apple still comes out looking like the bad guy and that’s hurting the Cupertino-based company.

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