Consumers Turning Off Sony Bravia TV’s


Consumers are turning off Sony Bravia LCD TV’s in favour of models from Samsung and LG according to the latest GFK data for week 26. They are also moving to larger model flat panel TV’s when it comes to purchasing a new generation LED TV which is a key part of Samsung’s TV offering in Australia.

According to the latest GFK tracking data Sony has slipped from 18% share in week 25 to 14% share in week 26. At the same time Samsung has gone from 36% share to 40%. LG has 15% in week 26.

According to consumer electronics retailers flat panel TV purchases are a key part of their current offerings with TV sales representing up to 36% of revenue.

The most popular flat panel TV is the 32″ LG offering followed by Samsung.

In the plasma market, Panasonic is still clearly #1 with both LG and Samsung fighting it out for 2nd and third slots.

According to Mark Leathan Samsung’s Consumer Electronics General Manager,, there has been a distinct move to larger screens in recent weeks “In the LED market consumers appear to buying models between 46″ and 50 inch Vs 40″ models that were popular last year”.

Warren Kim, TV Product Marketing Manager at LG said “we are very pleased with the latest numbers. We are holding our own and we are currently launching new models across both our plasma and LCD range”.


A senior executive at a Korean vendor said “Sony is struggling, when [they are] not offering PS3 consoles or Blu ray players and their Bravia brand has to compete on design, performance and merits they struggle. Everyone has stock now so it is not a stock issue that is affecting them”.

They added “The next battle is 600Hz Vs 200Hz Motion flow. We notice that Sony is using some trade sites like a party political broadcast site, to spruik 200Hz. We love the battle that is going on between both trade sites Current and ChannelNews. At least ChannelNews is being objective, Current are only pushing 200Hz because Sony is paying them. All the stories on 200Hz are surrounded by Sony advertising”.

“600Hz is a superior technology. LG, Samsung and Panasonic have it and Sony don’t. They were the ones who compared 100Hz with 200Hz claiming that 200Hz was the fastest and best screen technology earlier this year, now they are trying to position 200Hz as superior to 600Hz because they know that later in the second half several vendors will launch major marketing campaigns for 600Hz this will hurt their market share even further. We also suspect that Sony is set to launch a lower priced OLED TV in the second half”.

Two leading TV vendors have also admitted to ChannelNews that they are set to launch major World Cup marketing campaigns next year in Australia in an effort to take on Sony who is a major global sponsor of the World Cup.

“We have a World Cup strategy and we welcome whatever Sony will do”.

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