Kef is one of the first Hi Fi Companies to use wireless technology to eliminate speaker wires. Launched at the recent CES show in Las Vegas The KEF Wireless system utilises proprietary technology promising CD-quality audio without having to run cables around a room.

 Initially offered in two iterations; as an aftermarket solution for use with any existing speaker system, or as the 5000W system designed to complement the heralded KHT 5000 Series of products, the KEF Wireless System features a transmitter and two matching receivers. The receivers house two robust yet diminutive 50 watt digital power amplifiers.

KEF has developed a 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology that uses advanced error-protection and adaptive frequency-hopping to deliver an interference-free signal. This proprietary technology is pre-emptive and will change channels automatically to a pre-negotiated frequency (within the best available band) before any errors start to occur.

The company also says that the audio won’t be affected by microwave ovens, cordless phones, or LAN routers, which means you can place them wherever you want.
Price in Australia yet to be announced. US $499.00
Available in Q1 2007
Wireless via proprietary 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology
HFADPCM (hi-fidelity adaptive differential pulse code modulation)

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