ALK Technologies has submitted CoPilot Live HD to the Apple app store. This turn-by-turn satellite navigation and trip planning app is designed specifically for Apple iPad 3G Models.

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The CoPilot Live HD takes full advantage of the iPad 3G’s in-built GPS receiver and high resolution touch screen to provide a large-screen voice-guided navigation experience. A new split screen driving view combines uncluttered 3D or 2D map displays with clear, non-distracting turn instructions.

As with CoPilot Live for iPhone, the HD edition auto-switches between portrait and landscape, uses pinch-zoom functionality and offers access to iPod music controls from within the app.

More than just turn-by-turn navigation, CoPilot Live HD’s powerful offline trip planning and route preview features allow travellers to plan on their iPad before they hit the road.  Users can enter multiple stops for a single journey and optimise to calculate the most efficient route.  

Advanced features include integral access to local search, real-time weather information, and the ability to create customised routing profiles that best suit personal preferences.

Managing Director at ALK Technologies, Michael Kornhauser said, “CoPilot Live HD provides an absolutely sensational GPS navigation and planning experience on iPad 3G. Developing for iPad was a natural step following the tremendous popularity of our CoPilot Live iPhone app. It’s a really fantastic platform for navigation that allows us to fully exploit the many years of expertise we have gained from supporting tablet computers with our CoPilot Live Laptop products.”

This app will initially be available in the US, but will be available in other regions as soon as the iPad 3G becomes widely available in the coming months. Pricing will be the same as for the CoPilot Live iPhone app with no ongoing fees or subscriptions.

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