Crestron has unveiled several new automation products at a European trade show. They include new lighting control system a fully expandable entry-level multi-room audio system, as well as the new TPMC (Touch Panel Media Centre) series which integrates touchpanel control with embedded PC functionality.

Among the new range is the iLux CLS-C6 integrated zoned lighting system which can control six lighting zones and 6 groups of blinds or curtains. Crestron claim that the iLux(tm) CLS-C6  ican be used for either a new house or retrofit application. It can also be used to replace numerous switches and dimmers on the wall avoiding the confusion of which switch activates which light fittings. It completely centralises the lighting, blind and screen controls so that users no longer need to search for the right switch plate or fumble through trial and error to find the right combination of light settings. The iLux CLS-C6 enables user-preset lighting scenes.

Touchpanels: The new generation includes the new TPS, TPS-G, TPMC-QM and TPMC-CH Series, all of which according to Crestron have enhanced graphics capabilities and faster processing speeds. Much cheaper than Crestrons existing range the touchpanels are available with 12″ or 15″ screens as well as a 17″ widescreen display. All options are available in a variety of styles, including desktop tilt-case and wall-mount designs. They also have composite, component and S-video inputs, HDTV inputs, high-resolution RGB graphics, bi-amplified speaker system, built-in microphone, standard Ethernet CAT5 and/or Crestron QuickMedia (QM) connectivity up to 300 feet using inexpensive UTP wire. Isys(r) touchpanels feature a 32-bit Motorola ColdFire(r) Microprocessor to produce astonishing full-colour graphics with lightning-fast performance and incredible versatility. The latest Isys touchpanels now offer 24-bit graphics and brighter displays with excellent contrast at any viewing angle.

Adagio: Crestron’s latest innovation is Adagio, a new series of entry-level home entertainment products that combine performance with straight-from-the-box functionality. Specifically targeted at consumers taking their first step into the world of multi-room audio and home entertainment, Adagio is affordable and requires no programming. Crestron claim it is the perfect introduction to its award-winning Total Home Technology solutions. Adagio is a true plug-and-play solution that consists of several products including whole house audio distribution, home entertainment system, digital audio server and audio room expander.

The Company has also launched iMedia: an entry level one wire computer presentation solution, for small boardrooms and classrooms. It is part of Crestron’s MediaManager family, iMedia incorporates FlipTops, table mounts and wall mount interfaces for computer or video and a choice of two receivers (single or triple inputs). It also provides a complete solution for the smaller commercial or educational application, without compromising the speed or ease of installation, the intuitive operation system or the highly competitive cost.

Crestron products are distributted in Australia by Crestron Control Solutions. It is not known when the new products will ship in Australia.

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