Samsung 9kg front load washing machine has a fancy new door.Samsung 9kg front loader (WW9000), that is internet connected is now on sale. 

The 9kg front loader has a crystal gloss blue door, curved structure and a five inch touch LCD screen.  
It costs a cool $3,499 RRP and is available now. The Wi-Fi connects the smart machine to mobile devices via an app, allowing you to keep track of your wash progress. 
The snazzy looking washer will also notify you when a load is finished. 
It also has Auto Optimal Wash which can detect a laundry load size, auto recommend the amount of water and detergent required, and has a total of 14 wash programs.
Mike Lilly, Head of Home Appliances at Samsung Australia, says “the WW9000 is a beautiful washing machine that we’re extremely proud to bring to market in Australia. This washing machine also takes Samsung home appliance design to a different level in terms of developing products that will look amazing in any home,”.
This smart washer also has Samsung’s Aqua Safety, a system designed to help manage unforeseen water leakages.
 Additional features of the Samsung WW9000 include:
.        Auto Dosage system, that can fit up to 1.3L of detergent and 0.5L of softener
.        Alarm to refill detergent when empty 
.        Drum light, highlighting the Crystal Blue design
.        1600RPM max spin cycle 
.        15 language options 
.        14 wash programs, 15 min and variable quick wash 
.        4x favourite wash cycle memory
Samsung WW8000 ($1,899 RRP ) and the WW7000 ($1,699 RRP) also sport the Crystal Blue Door, with 10kg and 8.5kg wash capacities. Each includes key functions available in the WW9000 model.

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