Although oft-humbler in design than cases or headphones, powerbanks are fast becoming a vital and vibrant part of the accessorial ecosystem surrounding modern smartphones. And it’s not hard to understand why.

Inch by inch, the average screen size of smartphones has grown larger. Meanwhile, pixel-by-pixel, further advances have been made when it comes to the quality of those screens. 

Alongside with these incremental improvements, the changing data diets of users also remains a significant factor. More and more people are streaming high definition video through services like Netflix or Stan while on the go.

Then there’s the gaming side of things to consider. While smartphones have come a long way since the days of Words with Friends, the recent explosion of AR (courtesy of Pokemon Go) showed just how big of an issue battery remains for mobile gaming.

It also showed just how big the demand for accessories, like powerbanks, that are capable of alleviating this issue is. Niantic and Nintendo’s augmented reality experience brought with it a notable bump in the sales of portable chargers – and it’s a bump that many in the industry took notice of.

Where once powerbanks were a novelty, they’re quickly becoming a necessity – even if you’re not looking to catch them all. With this corner of the market larger than ever before, it’s only appropriate that Cygnett’s range is expansive in ways that match it.

The company, which began in Melbourne in 2003, offers powerbank solutions that come in all shapes and sizes. More importantly, the company have been as agile in their iterations as tech giants like Apple and Samsung.

Their current ChargeUp Digital range touts a lithium polymer build that affords the range – available in both 10,000mAh or 6,000mAh variants – an edge in both form and function. It’ll charge your phone or other device faster than a standard wall or computer charging port and the versatile aesthetic ensures it’ll compliment your phone nicely.

The range of Charge Up Digital powerbanks share a thin and streamlined one-piece shell design available in dark grey with red, blue, green or grey stripes. Cygnett have also incorporated a smart digital display that will allow you to keep track of precisely how much charge is left in the powerbank.

With the launch of new smartphones like Samsung Note7, USB-C technology is set to become mainstream. According to the company, “USB-C will revolutionise the way we use power in the not-too-distant future. Not only will it charge phones and tablets at much faster speeds than we are used to now, but it will also have the power and capacity to charge Type C laptops.”

With this next generation of portable charging on the horizon. Cygnett will be releasing a Type C version of the ChargeUp Digital Portable powerbank with one USB-C Port and one standard USB port.

While they aren’t the only ones singing praises for the format, they’re one of the first to announce their support with both chargers and cables. .

On top of this, Cygnett also make a range of super-portable chargers called ChargeUp Pocket 2500; one with a built in Micro USB cable and another with a hidden MFI approved Lightning connector.

Users of these products have more than few things to be excited about, with Cygnett set to launch a new range of cases for Apple’s next handset the iPhone7 and iPhone7 Pro.

The Cygnett Product Design Team take a lot of pride in knowing some of their customers are on their third or fourth generation of Cygnett case, and are looking to build on that with four new iterations of their four popular iPhone-ready cases – WorkMate, UrbanShield, AeroShield and UrbanWallet.

While many are quick to dismiss the case and powerbank market as an afterthought, Cygnett’s perch on the forefront suits them well.

They’ve always understood that as the form-factor of Apple products have evolved over time, so too have the case designs to protect them – and they’ve been doing just that from as far back as 2003.

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