D-Link has launched a solution for small to mid-sized businesses aimed to protect them against viruses, hackers and harmful content that can be maliciously downloaded onto computers and mobile devices.

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The DFL-860E Net Defend is a Unified Threat Management (UTM) Firewall that prevents intrusion and a range of other web security measures in a rack-mountable chassis.

“Our latest UTM firewall for SMBs provides enterprise-class integrated Internet security and access control at a price that small to mid-sized businesses can afford,” said Maurice Famularo, Marketing Director, D-Link Australia & New Zealand. 

“It offers all the features of our enterprise-class UTM firewalls, including hardware accelerators to handle IPS and anti-virus scanning functions without degrading firewall and VPN performance.”

The firewall’s hardware is actually claimed to increase performance, by interacting with a web surfing control database that contains millions of URLs for Web Content Filtering. 

Real-time IPS, anti-virus and URL database update services protect the network from application exploits, network worms, malicious code attacks, and provide everything needed to manage threats posed by today’s employees accessing the internet.


Network management features include remote management, bandwidth control policies, URL/keyword blocking, access policies and SNMP. 

For network monitoring, the firewall supports e-mail alerts, system log, consistency checks and real-time statistics.

The UTM firewall uses three databases which are kept up to date and provides a robust defence with its NetDefend service updates for IPS, anti-virus and web content filtering. 

The firewalls use component -based ISP signatures which address critical aspects of a potential attack including payload, NOP sled, infection and exploits. 

The DFL-860E constantly optimises IPS signatures via the D-Link auto-signature sensor system to ensure the highest ratio of detection accuracy and the lowest ratio of false positives.

Using constantly updated anti-virus signatures from respected partner, Kaspersky Labs, viruses and malware can be effectively blocked before they reach connected computers or mobile devices, said D-Link.

The UTM firewall uses highly granular policies and explicit black and white lists to control different website categories for any combination of users, interfaces and IP networks. It can also actively identify and strip out malicious Java applets, JavaScripts/VBScripts, ActiveX objects and cookies.

The NetDefend UTM firewall offers an integrated VPN Client and Server to support almost any required VPN policy and hardware-based VPN engines to support and manage a large number of VPN connections.


The D-Link DFL-860E NetDefend UTM Firewall is priced at $1065 inc. GST. 12-month IPS, anti-virus or web content filtering update subscriptions are also available for AU$435 inc. GST.

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