D Link is one of the first vendors in the world to deliver a DivX connected home network device. KISS now oned by Cisco tried but the box proved to be a big failure.

The D-Link DSM-330 DivX connected HD media player is ‘the world’s first DivX connected consumer electronics device’, apparently.

A multi-tasker, the DSM-330 is a wireless digital media adaptor that enables users to stream HD-quality DivX video, photo and music files direct from PC to TV, as well as access online media services and customise with third-party plug-ins.

Delivered with a swathe of cabling options including Ethernet, HDMI, SCART and component, the set-up wizard promises simple network connection and performance optimisation, supporting 802.11g and requiring XP or Vista on a PC or an Intel-based Mac.

Available to pre-order now on Amazon, the DSM-330 will retail at around $299. Availability for Australi has not been announced.