NBN Co signs contract with project giant to connect additional units to the fibre broadband network in WA, Qld.

Daly International has been signed on to connect units in WA, Brisbane and Gold Coast in a contract worth up to $27.7 million over two years, it was announced today 

The contract also has the option of two one-year extensions.

Under the contract, Daly International will provide project development services, including notifications to residents and owners’ corporations, survey, design and construction services.

The news comes as the politically contentious National Broadband Network project, estimated to cost in the region of $42 billion, comes under increasing pressure to be seen to complete connection targets, particularly in an election year.

NBN Co stated the target for June 2013 is to have over 1.2 million premises commenced or completed, and wants to ramp up premises activated to the network to 91,700 from just 34,500 completed by December last. 

In December, NBN Co signed Downer EDI to connect units in NSW, Victoria and the ACT, with Universal Communications Group to do the deed in Tasmania and Sydney.

Daly International’s project delivery group has operations that span Australia and the UK in telecommunications, power, water and gas projects. 

NBN Co Chief Operations Officer Ralph Steffens said: “We’re pleased to have signed another partner to assist in the proactive approach we are taking to the rollout to apartments in terms of engagement with residents and the construction task.”

“The rollout to MDUs requires special attention because of the variety of buildings we need to design and build for, and because we need to engage with owners of existing buildings inorder to undertake survey and installation activities.”

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The job of contacting owners’ corporations is being made easier by an agreement with Strata Community Australia (SCA) which is helping NBN Co obtain relevant contact details, Steffens said. 

Representing over 2500 companies and individuals, SCA has set up a site allowing members and non-members to register for each building scheduled for installation via a secure online site. 

The National Broadband Network is to be completed by 2021.
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