As the winter months beckon, appliance manufacturers such as De’Longhi are releasing new heating products to fight the cold. Along with new electric blankets, ceramic-, stove- and tower heaters, De’Longhi is introducing a new category of Micathermic technology heaters.

The new Micathermic Technology Heater (SDH20000) combines convection and reflective heating methods, which the company claims will distribute warm air more evenly and quicker than conventional heaters. The 2000 watt heater can be used a single or double-sided heater and features a 24 hour digital timer and infrared remote control.

Also new to the ceramic heating range is the DCH1030 offering two heat settings of  900 and 1800 watts, and the TCH6590ER Oscillating Tower Heater. The latter features a remote control, two heat settings to 1800watts, digital timer, adjustable electronic room thermostat, anti frost function, pilot light, integrated cord storage and digital display.

For those who prefer a more traditional look, De’Longhi is expanding its Focal Point range, with the Arno Stove Heater. Designed as a freestanding stove-fireplace-lookalike, the Arno has an all season flame effect that can be used independently of its heater. It also comes with a detachable decorative flue, if you really want to cheat the fireplace look in your home. The Arno stove has 1200 and 2400 watt heat settings.

Rounding out the new line up is the De’Longhi Comfort electric blankets, which feature bed and room temperature sensors to adjust the blanket to your chosen temperature setting. The Comfort also comes with two wireless digital remote controls and nine different temperature settings. Other new blankets in the range include a 100% wool fleece-covered blanket as well as cotton and polyester models..

SDH2000 $299
DCH1030 $59
TCH6590ER $139
Arno $249
DeLonghi Electric Blankets: from $99 – $449

See: www.delonghi.com.au

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