Denon’s Envaya Redefines Portable Sound


Smart industry observers haven’t failed to notice the not-so-quiet portable, wireless sound revolution being shaped by brands the calibre of Denon.

Where the wireless, portable speaker genre was once occupied
by ordinary models with a sound quality deemed unremarkable by those who know,
it’s now the purview of models as great as the two new Envaya’s.


As far as portable Bluetooth speakers go, the swish new
Envaya DSB-200 and DSB-100 combine effortless on-the-go convenience with CD
sound quality.


Powered up, either yields a sound much bigger in scale than
the size of these two mighty mites dares to suggest. What’s more, Denon has
packed both with a load of the latest streaming and audio technologies.


The $299 DSB-200 generates its pleasing sound using dual,
wide bandwidth pedigree 52mm drivers. These are powered by Class D digital
amplification chosen for their low heat, compactness, smooth detailed sound and
energy efficiency.


As for the digital features, you’d really want your new
portable speaker to process the music stored on your phone or tablet with high-resolution
aptX CSR decoders, which the DSB-200 has onboard.


Also included to improve sound quality is advanced MaxAudio
technology said to provide ”studio-quality” sound processing by Waves
yielding a sound unexpected previously from a wireless portable speaker of this


For linking portable devices via Bluetooth, up to eight can
be memorized by the Envaya DSB-200BK, which can also be connected to three
devices at any given time.


Playback time is generous and the rechargeable battery can
be relied on for up to 10 hours of playback time. And yes, it can be recharged
via the Envaya’s USB port.


Finished in black and decked with a rubberized coating to
withstand knocks and bumps, the Envaya DSB-200 also comes in high gloss white
and either version is bundled with four removable different colour grills.


Envoy Mini DSB-100


Denon continues the Envaya theme with the diminutive but big-hearted
Mini $219 DSB-100 model.


This nicely styled Mini is a chip off the block offering the
same pleasing Denon inspired sound quality of its larger sibling.


Used as a useful travel companion, the DSB-100 rewards with
good looks, ultra-compact size and its water resistant feature.


The 10-hour battery life is the same as its big brother.
Handy as well, is an in-built noise cancelling speakerphone that makes calls
clearer and more enjoyable.


While it might be compact, the DSB-100 is big on sound
quality. As well as scale, its reproduction qualities shine due to the quality
of its dual, over-sized speakers, digital amplification and the inclusion of
the patented MaxAudio technology.


Like the larger model, the DSB-100 delivers CD sound quality
streamed from most aptX Bluetooth enabled phones and tablets. NFC pairing
delivers a pairing connection with a simple tap.


Speakers used inside the wee Envaya are dual 40m full range
drivers and a hefty 40x83mm passive radiator. The DSB-100 also has an
integrated microphone.


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