Quickflix looks to boost audience numbers by teaming up with mass retailer Dick Smith.Dick Smith customers who purchase tech gear worth $100 or more will now be rewarded with a Quickflix  gift card offering an introductory subscription to the movie/ TV streaming service, worth $47.50. The gift cards offer a 6 week trial.

Currently, Quickflix , Australia’s answer to Netflix, has under 120,000 paying subscribers, (137K including trialists) and has over 350,000 devices registered to its app since March 31, up 25%. 
The partnership with Dick Smith is the latest in a series of new alliances the once struggling Quickflix is entering as part of its drive to add more customers in Australia and New Zealand. It recently cut its monthly online streaming price to $10 per month. 
Quickflix CEO Stephen Langsford told CN, “given momentum and demand building we think significant growth is achievable” with the retail partnership. 
The retailer “is the perfect partner  brand for Quickflix; we provide the leading-edge entertainment, and Dick Smith provides the consumer devices including smart TVs, game consoles, computers, mobile and tablets to enjoy it on. 
Dick Smith’s Clever Dick support service provides the technical help necessary for customers to select and connect their devices to Quickflix streaming and will assist in activation and after sales too.
Online streaming of TV shows and movies across mobiles, tablets and other devices is fast gaining acceptance in Oz. 
More than  8 million movies and TV shows streamed to date via Quickflix and the volume streamed is growing by 20 per cent per quarter. 
A subscriber to Quickflix streaming can register multiple devices to one account and watch up to three streams concurrently. 
Neil  Merola,  Dick  Smith  Buying and Marketing Director said: “Partnering with Quickflix means more of our customers will be able to stream content whenever and wherever they like”.  
The Quickflix promo will be supported by advertising, catalogue  and  in store  promotion.  Clever  Dick  support  service  will  also  assist  customers  connecting their new devices to Quickflix streaming app, which is on a flurry of devices including Samsung smartphones, LG TV’s and now XBox One.    
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