Commercial Radio Australia says that HD Radio will not be available in Australia as it has already been rejected by the Australian commercial radio industry and public broadcasters.

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In response to our article entitled: HD Radio In OZ Cars Soon, Commercial Radio Australia’s CEO, Joan Warner has sent us an e-mail clarifying some issues on HD Radio.

According to Warner, the digital radio standard will be adopted in Australia is DAB+ as the HD system has a different spacing and will cause major issues in the AM band.

“Our AM spacing in Australia is 9Khz. The US HD radio technology operates on 10kHz channel spacing, so the technology would need major upgrade if it ever to be suitable for digital radio services in Australia and indeed much of Asia,” she said. “Currently the USA HD model switches off at 4.00 pm to allow broadcasters in the AM Band to avoid co-channel interference in markets several 100 kilometres away.”

“HD radio was rejected by the industry as it would have disadvantaged some of the most successful radio operators in Australia,” added Warner.

Currently, 48 percent of radio stations in Australia operate in the AM band.


Warner has also said that they have been in talks with the industry and they are now working towards a DAB+ solution.

“Car manufacturers in Australia and overseas are aware that Australia’s digital radio standard is DAB+ and we are switching on in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth in May. Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar and Audi have DAB receivers and Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) has contacted these manufactures to encourage them to add a DAB+ chip into those receivers for the Australian market.”

In addition to this, Commercial Radio Australia is also looking at providing the after car market with a number of options to enjoy DAB+. Some of the ideas include in-car adaptors that could link a portable DAB+ receiver via Bluetooth in your car or portable navigation systems that may include a DAB+ solution.

“Other receiver manufacturers CRA has spoken with are working on DAB+ after car market options.  CRA is also a member of the World DMB Car Manufacturers Task Force meeting in Stockholm shortly to further encourage DAB+ options in cars throughout the world,” added Warner.

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