Legislation could be bought in to force manufacturers to incorporate digital TV into TV screens after it has been revealed that only 13% of Australians have digital TV.

Nearly six years after its introduction, only 13 percent of Australian households receive free-to-air digital television services, and only three percent of households are digital-only. Nearly nine out of 10 (87.3 percent) televisions are still cathode ray tube (CRT) models.

Meanwhile, 74 percent of households interviewed for an Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) study owned DVD players, and 66 percent were connected to the Internet.

In its first research monograph since ACMA was formed earlier this year, the regulator concludes that significant shortfalls exist in the understanding of digital television, and that a full

38 percent of households are unaware that digital services will replace analog free-to-air television broadcasting, and 17 percent of non-digital homes had never even heard of digital television.

“This research identifies early benchmarks in the inevitable transition from analog to digital free-to-air television transmission in Australia,’ said Lyn Maddock, acting ACMA chair,

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