Worried about returns and warranties on Christmas purchases?

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Consumer watchdog’s free shopping app will solve all your woes on buying goods, while you’re in the store.

The mobile app available on iOS and Android answers commonly asked consumer questions about refunds, returns, warranties, and lay-buys, such as ‘What do I do if a product is faulty?’ and ‘What happens if I don’t have a receipt?’.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s free ACCC Shopper app for smartphones and tablets, explains labelling terms like ‘Made in Australia’ and ‘Extra Virgin olive oil’.

But this clever app doesn’t just dole out advice – it allow shoppers to store photos of receipts on your device.

The ACCC Shopper app also has a ‘My items’ feature which sets personal reminders for when lay-buys are due and expiry dates for warranties and vouchers.

“Simple disputes over returns, refunds or replacements often leave shoppers confused about their rights” says ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard

“Keeping your proof of purchase and checking the store’s returns policy if you have simply changed your mind can be important.”

“If products don’t work as promised or don’t work at all you have rights as a consumer regardless of whether you bought it online, in a shop, full-price or on sale,” warns Rickard.

Australian Consumer Law provides protection against faulty products, often allowing for repairs, replacements or refunds outside of a manufacturer’s or retailer’s warranty period.


The free Shopper app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and the Android Market by searching for ‘ACCC Shopper’.

Consumer Affairs Victoria also gave a hand to the ACCC in developing the app.

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