There’s a wireless charger in town that charges your phone ..without even being plugged in.

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Image: Touchphonereview

Meet LG’s wireless charger, a cradle which will charge your smartie while allowing you make video calls, text or even watch TV at the same time.

And its wireless, meaning you don’t actually need to plug it into your device thanks to its electromagnetic forces.

Also, there’s no searching for chargers or cables and means you can still use the smartie while it gets some juice – similar to a device available for the Samsung Nexus.

Unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona yesterday the LG WCD-800, charges is done by simply placing the phone on the deck of the 75.8mm cradle – double the size of LG’s previous wireless charger, the WCP-700.

And the nifty device is as effective as conventional wired chargers, say LG.

And its not just LG smartphones that will work with the wireless charger – it’s compatible with all devices compliant with the Wireless Power Consortium’s (WPC) Qi standard, the global wireless power standard.

“As smartphones become the defacto medium for consuming multimedia content and communicating, it is not unusual to find oneself having to recharge a phone a couple times a day,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, CEO of LG Mobile.


“It only made sense to turn that charging time into a positive user experience by making the smartphone useful while sitting in the cradle.”

The WCD-800 will be first unleashed in Korea followed by North America this year so here’s hoping its hits Oz also. No word on pricing either but we do know the previous model, the WCP-700, sold for around US$69.

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