Forget dumping the telly outside your door – there now a legit way to ditch the box.

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DHL has been approved as the first organisation ever to offer Oz households and small businesses free collection and recycling services for TV’s, computers, printers and computer products.

The services are being provided under the government’s National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme.

Parliamentary Secretary for Sustainability and Urban Water, Senator Don Farrell, announced DHL had won the contract, today.

DHL will also sign up TV and computer manufacturers and importers, and collect and recycle products on their behalf.

It is also responsible for ensuring the new arrangement meets the scheme’s recycling targets – of 80% by 2020-21- up from a paltry 17% in 2010.

Services under the new scheme are due to kick off mid 2012, and expanding across Australia by the end of 2013.

Senator Farrell said the approval of DHL is an important next step for the industry-run recycling scheme.

“Televisions and computers contain valuable non-renewable resources including gold and other precious metals as well as hazardous materials including lead, bromine, mercury and zinc,” he said.

“By recycling them, we can recover useful materials and at the same time reduce health and environmental risks.


“Having a variety of providers is expected to lead to more options, both for the community in how they dispose of unwanted televisions and computers and for manufacturers and importers in terms of which provider they join.”

“It is vital to the scheme’s success that organisations applying to establish a co-regulatory arrangement are able to demonstrate that they can meet the scheme’s strict operating criteria, and I congratulate DHL for doing just that.”

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