With the brains behind Shaun of the Dead, this special edition of Hollywood action spoof Hot Fuzz is a must have.

Following up the brilliant zombie spoof Shaun of the Dead was never going to be easy. But Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are back and better than ever with this inspired attempt at transplanting the Hollywood action movie to the UK.

Super-cop Nick Angel (Pegg) is used to a rough and tough life on the streets of London, but how will he cope when his new assignment sees him sent to work in Sandford, the most boring village in England? And just why is the village’s accident rate so high, but the crime rate practically none-existent?

Surprisingly, given the amount of extras crammed onto the first disc (see below), the transfer doesn’t appear to have suffered at all. The source print is immaculate, and the image is sharp and detailed with no obvious edge enhancement or artefacting.

Just as impressive is the disc’s 5.1 soundtrack, which is every bit as dynamic as a standard big-budget action flick. The best bits come during the extended shoot-outs in the final act, but even before that there is some great sound-design on show, making use of the surround speakers for atmospheric effect, while keeping the dialogue cleanly rendered at all times.

As with Shaun of the Dead, the Hot Fuzz DVD comes packed with a plethora of extras almost as enjoyable as the movie itself (there’s so many they had to include an extra disc).

On Disc One are four feature-length commentaries (including one with a couple of cops); outtakes; a trivia text track; the option to drop out of the film at certain moments to check out the storyboards; two trailers; two TV spots; a clip with Pegg and Frost impersonating Michael Caine and Sean Connery; an additional flip-book animation from Danny’s police notebook; and a great compilation of clips from the ‘TV-friendly’ dub of the film.

Meanwhile, the second platter is home to 22 deleted scenes; 13 short weblogs shot during the production; a 30-minute Making of… documentary; eight short production featurettes; photo and poster galleries; narrated and illustrated features filling in three of the film’s plot holes; eight special effects breakdowns; and a 40-minute cop movie that Edgar Wright shot when he was 18 (which itself is accompanied by a ten-minute Making of… featurette and two commentaries!).

Overall, a top selection of extras, and the movie’s a cracker too.





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