It’s easy to see why this pic scored well in so many ways.

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It shows what happens when all the stars are aligned – a good director in Jason Reitman, an excellent script, and a well-cast set of characters – a great movie can be made.

Ellen Page stars as Juno, a quirky senior at high-school who gets pregnant. Nothing too unusual in that; happens all too frequently for some in real life. Where this pic differs from real life is the matter-of-fact way Juno deals with the situation. Instead of having an abortion, keeping it, or going through an anonymous adoption, Juno decides to choose the kid’s parents, realising she is too immature to raise the child herself. And so the fun begins.

Having finally found the couple she wants to adopt the child out to, she then goes through all the ups and downs that most teenage mothers go through, but in a way only somebody who is sure of themselves could.

Diablo Cody’s script is the key here, and there is no doubt this young lady is brimming with talent. Special kudos goes to way she manages not one, but two character studies that are turned on their head. Jason Bateman’s Mark goes from a smooth, hip, cool dude to a somewhat creepy guy who has a taste for adolescent girls, while Jennifer Garner’s Vanessa starts out as a highly strung, wrought, angst ridden, desperate mother-to-be, to finally be a loving, well-adjusted professional woman who only wants the one thing missing in her life that would make her feel complete.

All in all a great pic richly deserving the nominations and wins it received during awards season.

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