Nothing comes close to matching the fresh, eye-catching style and state-of-the art sound quality Sennheiser achieved with the HD700 at its price level.

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An open backed model, the HD700 is brimming with premium grade parts such as the specially tuned, easy to power drivers fitted inside the ear-cups that are built to revel in high volume levels.

Even the cable has studio and audiophile credentials. It’s detachable and constructed from symmetrical, silver-plated, oxygen-free four-wire copper cable.

A leading edge design, the HD700 has studio grade sound quality to match its premium build. The HD700 is so transparent, it has an uncanny ability to disappear leaving listeners with a ‘you-are-there’ experience of their music.

A showcase of German design at its finest, the HD700’s soft velour ear pads invite long, comfortable listening sessions.

SENNHEISER HD700 / $1199.95

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