In order to make simple tasks easier, TecHome has introduced the Easy Kit, a product designed to control single appliances like lights, shutters, garage doors, and even gates.

The Easy Kit range claims to operate appliances wirelessly with a range of up to 100m and is perfect for situations where wired installations would be difficult (e.g. garages or store rooms). Moreover, all Easy Kits come pre-programmed, making it simpler to install in any home. Users can also add extra transmitters and receivers with all Easy Kits, meaning one could add a second wall switch for a room with 2 entrances, the company says.

The new products are as follows:

Inlumina L100

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The L100 is a simple way to add automation and lighting control to any home or office. All one has to do is to install the pre-programmed receiver in-line with lights, fans or other electrical loads and control these devices up to a distance of 100 meters.

Inlumina L200

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The L200’s wireless receiver allows for the easy automation of lights, fans and other electrical appliances. Control these devices with the wireless mini remote by keeping the remote on your key chain or mounting it to a wall.



Inlumina L410

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Home theater, entertainment areas and meeting rooms are typical spaces that can benefit from the L410 wireless dimmer kit. The kit includes a slim line 7 channel wireless transmitter with four light level presets and variable light level control. The 500 watt wireless electronic dimmer and operates at a distance of up to 100m.

Easy Kits are distributed by Nesco (www.nesco.com.au) and available at Cenaj electrical (www.cetnaj.com.au) wholesalers.

See: www.techome.com.au

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