ELAC To Release Multiple New Speaker Ranges


With the High End Munich Show 2024 quickly approaching, German hi-fi company ELAC has announced several additions to its portfolio, including the Solano 2.0 speaker collection and the BS 312.2 Bookshelf Speaker line

Solano 2.0

The Solano 2.0 series was designed for music listening and home theatre applications. It includes the BS283.2 bookshelf speaker, the FS287.2 floorstanding speaker, and the CC281.2 centre channel speaker, all of which can be used to create a larger stereo system, or all three can be combined to create a five-channel home theatre speaker system.

This series reportedly comes with acoustically optimised cabinets, engineered to include sturdy MDF outer walls and gloss-painted finishes.

There’s strategically placed internal bracing, which is said to add to the structural integrity of the cabinet, minimising vibrations.

The units also come with the JET 6 Air Motion Transformer tweeter, which was engineered in Germany, and can provide a frequency response of up to 50kHz, low distortion, and clarity with high frequencies.

elac solano bs283.2 front rear ELAC To Release Multiple New Speaker Ranges
Solano BS283.2

Additionally, there’s an aluminium sandwich woofer that can provide better rigidity, a lighter driver, minimises unwanted distortion, and supports clear, accurate sound reproduction.

The bass reflex port was designed to exit downward from the bottom of the cabinet, providing more flexibility in placement, reducing ventilation noise.

The BS283.2 bookshelf speaker has a rectangular cabinet, made from solid MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), with a slightly curved front baffle with large radiuses.

It incorporates a two-way speaker driver configuration with one 50mm aluminium sandwich woofer, a JET 6 tweeter, and a bottom-firing port. There are terminals compatible with Bi-Amp / Bi-Wire on the rear panel.

Then there’s the FS287.2 floorstanding speaker, which has been made from solid MDF as well, and also comes with a slightly curved front baffle.

Being a floorstanding speaker, it incorporates a base for stability, with room for a bottom-firing port. The driver configuration includes two 150mm aluminium sandwich woofers, a bottom-firing port, and the JET 6 tweeter. These speakers are 38.78-inches tall.

elac solano fs 287 front rear ELAC To Release Multiple New Speaker Ranges
Solano FS287.2

Similar to the last two, the CC281.2 centre channel speaker has a solid MDF cabinet with a slightly curved front baffle.

It was designed to be placed directly below a TV or projection screen, but considering it’s 7.5-inches tall, it’s best to be wall-mounted or placed on a shelf below the TV.

The driver configuration includes a JET 6 tweeter, two 150mm aluminium sandwich woofers and a rear-facing port. Speaker terminals have been mounted sideways on the rear, and are compatible with Bi-Amp / Bi-Wire.

This Solano 2.0 speaker range will be available from early May via ELAC.

The Solano 2.0 BS283.2 bookshelf speaker is said to be retailing for U$1,999 per pair (approx. A$3,105), the Solano 2.0 FS287.2 floorstanding speakers for U$3,999 per pair (approx. A$6,212), and the Solano 2.0 CC281.2 centre channel speaker for U$1,199 each (approx. A$1,862). Official Australian pricing is yet to be revealed.’

elac solano cc281.2 front rear black ELAC To Release Multiple New Speaker Ranges
Solano CC281.2

BS 312.2

Moving on to the other speaker line set to be released by ELAC, the BS 312.2 Elegant line.

They’ve been described as two-way, bass reflex bookshelf class speakers, with a high-rigidity aluminium cabinet with a low material thickness.

The front baffle is minimal, and drivers don’t interact as much with the cabinet, resulting in a more focused, airy sound.

Equipped with ELAC’s 6th generation JET 6 tweeter, which has an extended low-frequency range, improved signal accuracy, ultra-fast transient response, and detailed resolution.

The linear frequency response is said to be > 50 kHz, whereas the efficiency is said to be 92dB / W / m.

Incorporated into the woofer is a Crystal Membrane with AS-XR technology for increased stiffness, and an aluminium sandwich membrane, which can support an extended frequency range with smooth roll-off.

It also has a larger voice coil, with an added magnet ring for the support of efficiency and higher thermal resilience.

The base of the BS 312.2 has an aluminium frame with an elastic rubber structure inlay, supporting acoustic decoupling, available in White High Gloss or Black High Gloss.

elac elegant bs 312 2 black front rear ELAC To Release Multiple New Speaker Ranges
BS 312.2

They have a quoted sensitivity of 87dB and a nominal impedance of 4ohms, indicating these speakers will require a minimum of 50W per channel.

See below for some more specifications:

  • Woofer:5-inch AS-XR Cone
  • Crossover Frequency: 3,200Hz
  • Frequency Response: 42 to 50,000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 87dB at 2.83 v/1m
  • Recommended Amplifier Power: 50 to 150W per channel
  • Nominal/Peak Power Handling: 70/100W per channel
  • Nominal Impedance: 4 Ω
  • Minimum Impedance:4 Ω @ 280Hz
  • Binding Posts: 5-way metal (Bi-amp / Bi-wire compatible)
  • Magnetic Shielding: No
  • Cabinet Finish: Gloss Black, Gloss White
  • Accessories Included: Metal grille
  • Dimensions: 4.8 x 8.2 x 11.1-inches
  • Net weight (each):2kg

The ELAC BS 312.2 are currently available from various retailers, including Audio Junction, and Sydney Hi-Fi for A$3,295 per pair. They will be available in high gloss black or high gloss white.

Additionally, there are optional accessories that can be paired with the speakers. The Floor Stand LS 60 retails for U$459.98 (approx. A$714), and the cover grille fabric, available in different colours, retails for U$199.98 (approx. A$310).

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