Why tangle with cables when you can easily stream music from an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or from iTunes, a Mac or PC wirelessly to B&W’s award-winning flagship speaker dock, the A7 and hear it playback with studio quality realism.

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This genre-redefining, storming wireless speaker system from one of the UK’s most respected speaker brands, takes just a few minutes to connect to your WiFi via B&W’s free AirPlay setup app. And because it’s designed by B&W the A7 is a sound master.

 Inside this so easy to use speaker dock reside four high-quality stereo drivers featuring proprietary Nautilus? technology aided by a 150mm (6-inch) composite kevlar subwoofer for deep, tuneful bass.

Supplying power to the speakers are five audiophile quality Class D amplifiers totaling a muscular 150 watts, giving A7 the punch you need even for large living rooms.

Music streamed wirelessly to the A7 as MP3 or high-resolution lossless audio is processed through a quality 96kHz/24 bit Digital-to-analogue converter, and because Airplay requires no special software or additional hardware other than your WiFi network, your friends can easily stream from their Apple iPhone, iPod or iPad when they visit.

At its entry-level price, the A5 shows a clean set of sonic heels to its horde of rivals. Stylistically a scaled down version of the A7, the A5 is just as clever and for its size has a rich tonal quality, and generates a powerful, detailed sound.

Like A7, The A5 works beautifully with a wide range of music apps including Last.fm, Pandora and Mixcloud. The A5 with AirPlay is as easy to setup as the A7 and also features a quality Digital to Analogue converter and Class D amplification. Both models come supplied with a remote and are backed by B&W’s exclusive 2-year global warranty.


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