Facebook’s Australia boss has quit the company suddenly.

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Paul Borrud has left the top job after just two years in the role, the company said today.

No reason was given apart from his intention to pursue “personal interests.”

Borrud has been with Mark Zuckerberg’s social network for 6 years in total and moved Down Under to head up its local operation.

“After six years at Facebook, Paul Borrud, head of Australia and New Zealand will leave the company in February this year to spend more time with his family and pursue personal interests,” the statement said.

He is expected to leave by mid February. Facebook said it was currently recruiting for the position.

“Paul has played a major role in the growth of Facebook’s advertising sales business, starting in the United States and then with the establishment of the Australia and New Zealand operations in March 2009.” 

“Facebook has been an amazing ride, from our early days as a start-up through to moving to Sydney and making Australia home,” Borrud said.


It is not known who would be his replacement but former ninemsn boss, Joe Polard, are among rumoured contenders.

Australian ranked as the No. 17 territory globally with natives still spending more time roaming its pages than anywhere else in the planet.  

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